• Traktor Bike Park

    Experience an extraordinary bike ride

    Traktor Bike Park
  • Canoe & Kayak

    Explore numerous idyllic paddle waters

  • Dokka Delta Nature Reserve

    A unique wetland that houses over 230 different bird species

    Fiskeørn er en av artene i Dokkadelta

Activities in the area

Activities and sights in close proximity

Dokka Delta Nature Reserve

Dokka delta nature reserve is located where the river Dokka runs out into Randsfjorden. There are over 230 different types of birds registered here.

Throughout the summer holidays the Dokka delta national wetland centre in Odnes is open for visits within their visiting hours. They also rent out canoes, fishing gear and binoculars. They further on arrange special events every Wednesday and Saturday.


Canoe og Kayak

Both Randsfjorden and the numerus waters surrounding it offers many options for canoeing and kayaking. Most of the waters are easily accessible and on both Trevatn and Fjorda is it possible to paddle for great distances without having to carry the boat.

Hiking paths and trails

The areas that surrounds Lyngstrand offer wonderful hiking possibilities. Regardless of whether you want to experience the nice view from the old fire lookout tower on Skjellingshovde, a sculpture-trip in Settonåsen or you if want to follow the old trails along Ridevegen. 27 of the trips are marked and have their own maps with directions which are available in the reception. There are also maps that cover advice for other trips around the area available in the reception.

To learn more about the trips in the area, press this link to the municipality’s web page   

Skjellingshovde, Søndre Land
Traktor Bike Park

Traktor Bike Park

Located in a forested hillside by Randsfjorden is a small, yet extraordinary bike park. The park is handmade and incorporates many different elements that offer challenges for every skill level. Only your imagination may limit you here, and possibly a moose in the tracks.

Randsfjord Golf Course

The golf course belonging to Land Golf Club is beautifully located in Halmrast by County Road 34. in the incline towards Randsfjorden. The course has 12 greener areas and 18 teeing grounds with challenges for every skill level. The club has its own club house on Nymoen with proshop which is open during the weekends. They arrange workshops and offer a rental service of golf clubs for beginners. The golf club also has a 9 hole’s foot golf course which is open for the public

Setton gård

Setton Gård Deer Farm

Setton Gård is located in the northern part of Randsfjorden, beside the Fluberg bridge. The farm has 130 deer in pen, and sell locally produced food. A visit is highly recommended.

Lands Museum

Lands Museum is located right outside the centre of the village Dokka. The Museum offers exhibitions on historical collections, circulating thematical exhibitions, and a varied program that lasts all year round. They arrange several family activities throughout the summer holidays.

Lands museum

Fishing in lakes and waters

There are plenty of good fishing opportunities – and big fish – in both Randsfjorden and the waters surrounding it. Boats and fishing gear are up for rent in the reception in at the Camping site and you can also purchase fishing licences for the different waters in the area.

Read more in the Gjøvik region’s fishing guide

Draisine on Valdresbanen

You can rent a draisine at Hov Station, an old and repurposed train station, and go for a cycling trip on the old railroads track called Valdresbanen. Experience a stunning nature and fantastic views on several spots along the railroad.

Dresin på Valdresbanen
Dokka Landsbymarked

Dokka Village Market

Dokka became Norway’s first official village in 2009. Dokka village has “the best from the city and the best from the countryside” and offers serval events throughout the year. Among them is the village market that have rustic market stalls placed all over the main street.

Langsua National Park

Langsua national park stretches from the Synnfjell area towards the north where Jotunheimen lies. It is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. It offers a lovely terrain with picturesque nature, perfect for day trips or longer hiking experiences with overnight camping.

Langsua Nasjonalpark
Kistefos museum

Kistefos museum

Kistefos is a cultural destination with a twist. The museum offers a renowned architecture, industrial history, art exhibitions and an impressive sculpture park in lush surroundings.

Hadeland Glassworks

Hadeland Glassverk is located south of Randsfjorden and is open all year round as a tourist attraction and shopping destination built on history, art, culture and old crafting traditions. Glassmuseet (The Glass museum) is the biggest among the northern countries and provides a unique insight into what the glassblowers and designers of Hadeland have produced over the last 250 years

Hadeland Glassverk

Mini Climbing Park

The mini climbing park is located in the northern part of Trevatna, in an area called Vassenlandet. The park has 17 different features with varying difficulties which provides all age groups with a challenging yet fun activity. There is no need for climbing harnesses since the park is built close to the ground. This also ensures that the park can stay open 24/7 and can be free of charge.