Rules and Regulations

for Lyngstrand Camping

As a guest at Lyngstrand Camping we strive to provide you with a pleasant break from the everyday stress. We therefore do not wish to push a list of extensive rules and regulations in your face upon arrival. This does not, however, mean that there are no rules, but that every one of us has a personal responsibility for upholding a pleasant environment where respect is expressed towards others and the surrounding environment. The normal rules and regulations for camping areas are reproduced down below and is also posted by the reception. If there is any doubt refer to these rules unless otherwise stated or arranged.

There are many people living in a limited area on a camping site, and they all have diverse personalities and habits. This is what makes camping so fascinating and exciting to begin with, but it also means that we have to make rules so that guests do not unnecessarily become nuisances to one another. Some additional rules apply to the guest that have a seasonal or annual reservation of pitches (see separate paragraph).

  1. Guests are to register upon arrival with the person in charge at the reception. Identification must be shown upon request. Payment happens up front at arrival unless otherwise stated.
  2. Guests are to follow the guidelines provided by the staff and familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations, as well as any additional rules that might apply to the camping site (fire safety, fishing regulations etc.).
  3. Only camping gear of a standard type and size may be used without special permission. The same rules apply for any additional installations for tents, caravans and motorhomes. This applies to fences, platforms, and similar. No form of excavation is allowed.
  4. Dogs are to be kept on leashes and to be taken on walks outside the camping site. Dog poop bags are to be used at all times within the camping site.
  5. Trash, wastewater and fire hazardous material are to be disposed of on the designated area. On this designated area are guests also responsible for maintaining cleanliness and neatness. Special care must be taken around the clean water supplies.
  6. Dangerous, unnecessarily loud and offensive activities are prohibited inside the camping area. Any motorised driving within the camping area is to be limited to a minimum and should only happen at walking speed.
  7. Night hours are from 23.00 to 07.00. Any driving to and from pitches is prohibited during this time unless a special permission has been granted.
  8. Sale of goods and services are not to take place unless the staff provides written consent.
  9. Guests that do not adhere to guidelines, misbehaves or otherwise disturb the peace at the camping site are to be escorted away from it and the police will if necessary.
  10. The camping site will not be held responsible for guests’ personal belongings. Destruction of property will be replaced or compensated by the vandal.
  11. If not otherwise arranged, shall the camping pitches (property or living unit) be left clean and tidy before 13.00 on the day of departure.